Last week, I was in London for the Chelsea Flower Show and a Gardens Illustrated lecture featuring Piet Oudolf & Jinny Blom. Piet has a new garden in Paris that I’ve been dying to see.  Since we were so close, we hopped on the Chunnel to check it out.  

Oudolf’s garden is a forward to the No. 5 Culture Chanel Exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo.  It is "a poetic evocation of the emblematic fragrance by Gabrielle Chanel", and will remain a permanent feature at the museum when the exhibit closes.  

The 440 square meter garden is found on two levels at the northwest corner of the museum.  The street level garden is visible from Avenue du Président Wilson.  Access to the exhibit is through the intimate lower level garden found at the intersection of Rue Fresnel & Rue de la Manutention.  

There is a soft femininity to the highly textured garden, heightened in contrast by the surrounding hardscape.  No doubt deliberate on Oudolf’s part, as Chanel played with masculine and feminine in her work.

The garden was just installed in April, yet already appears quite full.  At least seventy-seven different varieties of plants, many fragrant, are woven together to create a rich sensory experience.  

Follow the link for the complete slideshow or email me at if you would like a copy of the plant list and planting plan.

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